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“This book is my new addiction.” – Lexi C. Foss, USA Today Bestselling Author

He’d never cared about secrets—until he became one. When the truth breaks, can love prevail?

Dex Nolan, personal assistant to a top talent agent, is used to dealing with the rich, famous, and difficult. That is until the careless disregard of actor Nate Brook—Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor—gets her fired, rehired, and into his bed in a too-fast spin.

Dex isn’t Nate’s usual type, but in a win-win turn around for him, the little dynamo provides just the distraction he needs from the devastating truth he’s been hiding for seven years.

But when his dark secret is exposed, and with his family threatening to self-destruct, can the bond between them weather the storm?

Grab your copy of Web of Lies today and discover the real Nate Brook!