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“I read a LOT of books and this was the first set of books in a long time that truly gripped me from start to finish.” – Mrs. J. Burton, Amazon Reviewer

He’s a philandering tennis pro. She’s a hard-hitting journalist. Will their romance be game, set, mismatch?

800+ pages of fast-swinging racquets, hot-off-the-press gossip, and smoldering chemistry across three full-length novels!

Tennis heartthrob Cash Gallagher is undefeated both on and off the court. But beneath his superstar playboy image, he’s hiding a painful secret. When a headline-busting exposé hits a little too close to home, he’s determined to match the feisty journalist swing for swing… even if it means sleeping with the competition.

Tally McKenzie is one story away from launching her career into the big leagues. And she can’t think of a better subject than the tennis bad boy she’s drooled over for a decade. But when her unauthorized tell-all triggers his infamous competitive streak, she’ll go toe to toe with the man of her dreams for a shot at fame and a fantasy of her own.

As their flirtatious rivalry heats up, can Cash and Tally drop their defenses and let love in or will old doubts and dark secrets ruin their perfect match?

A Winning Ace Boxset: The Complete Series is a sizzling contemporary romance collection containing three full-length novels. If you like celebrity chemistry, fast-serve banter, and emotional volleys, then you’ll love Tracie Delaney’s blazing doubles play-off.

Buy A Winning Ace Boxset: The Complete Series to step up to a center court romance today!