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“A superbly written book. I just love this author’s work.” Felicity – Amazon Reviewer

Can a relationship that starts on a lie truly survive?

Twelve years ago, Indie Monroe’s life imploded. In the intervening years, the desire for revenge festered and grew. She’s bided her time, and finally, retribution is within her grasp.

Jax Brook lost everything—his parents, his place at Juilliard, and his identity. For years he set aside his own life for the sake of his brothers. Now they’re grown with lives of their own, it’s his turn to reach for happiness.

As Jax and Indie’s lives collide, Indie begins to have second thoughts about the path she’s destined to walk. However, she isn’t alone in her desire for vengeance. Someone is pulling her strings. And no matter how hard she tugs, they won’t let go.

Which course will she choose?

And will Jax’s love be strong enough to forgive her?