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There’s a dark side to wealth, to immensely powerful men.
I lived through it. Hell, I almost died because of it.
Once bitten, twice wiser. I thought my battles were over—I was wrong.



Left with limited choices, here I am, a face among millions, another runaway hoping to lose herself in the Big Apple. And I will not—dare not—repeat the mistakes of my past.

Mister I-always-get-what-I-want Dayton Somers may have manipulated me into accepting his bizarre offer, but he needn’t think I’m in awe of his reputation, or in any way impressed by him.

Sure, he’s charming and successful—but I see through the veneer to the darkness lurking beneath. He might hold my immediate future in his hands, but he’ll never have me.


I’m a winner, a fighter, a man who knows what he wants, and how to get it. The day Christa Adams walks into my building, I know I’ve found my latest challenge.

Her skittish behavior pushes me to look deeper. What’s her story? Who is she running from? How can I persuade her to trust me?

Christa can erect her barriers, but I’ll tear down every single one. She may not realize it yet, but she’s mine.

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