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Let me introduce you to the ROGUES. Ruthless, Obsessive, Gifted, Unique, Exceptional, Spellbinding.

Come meet the six friends who run a billion-dollar global business, and the women who ultimately win their hearts.

Inside this special boxset are THREE full-length novels, over seven-hundred pages of scorching romances each featuring one of the members of ROGUES. Dive inside and prepare to lose yourself in these page-turning steamy romance stories.

Book 1: Entranced: Have you ever loved anyone so much that you’d give them up at the expense of your own happiness? I did. But that was seven years ago, and I’m tired of battling fate. My brother’s best friend is the only man for me, and it’s about time he stopped fighting, too.

Book 2: Enraptured: What’s your worst day ever? Mine is getting fired and discovering my boyfriend cheating on me in the same day. At least I thought that was as bad as it could get. Turns out I was wrong. So very wrong.

Book 3: Entrapped: If I wrote an autobiography about my life right now, I’d call it Blackmailed by the CEO. And I’m about to find out that even winning isn’t enough for the ruthless billionaire Garen Gauthier.

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