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“This series is sooooo good.” – Emmy, Amazon Reviewer

He loved her—and lost her. Now she’s back, and he’s staking his claim.

Shattered by the man she once loved, Millie Frayser returns to New York, flat broke and alone. Having survived ten years of hell, trust is no longer in her vocabulary—except a certain stubborn NYPD cop from her past refuses to get the message.

To serve and protect. That’s not just a part of Cole Brook’s job description; it’s in his DNA. Millie can raise her barriers, refuse his help, and try to keep him at bay, but now he’s found her again, he can’t let her go.

As Cole chips away at Millie’s resistance, her defenses begin to crumble.

Except she’s about to learn she can’t run from her past—and nor can she deny her future.

His To Protect is the third book following the lives of the Brook Brothers. Grab your copy today.