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If I wrote an autobiography about my life right now, I’d call it Blackmailed by the Billionaire.

Ruthless, callous, and self-serving are the nicest words to describe the powerful CEO who wants what’s mine, and he’ll use any method at his disposal to emerge victorious—including coercion.

Too bad. He’ll soon learn I’m not like the others he’s manipulated to bend to his will. Those bully tactics won’t work on me. He has nothing of worth to offer.

Until tragedy strikes and, like a vulture, he swoops in and rips apart my life. Powerless to stop him, I’m forced to stand idly by and watch while he destroys the family business I’ve spent my whole life building.

But, as I’m about to find out, winning isn’t enough for Garen Gauthier.And hell, I’m gonna take it.

If you like your romances full of angst, heat, and fast-serve banter, then you’ll love Entrapped, the third book in a brand-new six part billionaire romance series from International Bestselling Author Tracie Delaney.