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“Loved it to the moon and back!” – M.A. Comley, New York Times Bestselling Author

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What’s your worst day ever? Mine is getting fired and discovering my boyfriend cheating on me in the same day.

At least I thought that was as bad as it could get.
Turns out I was wrong.
Only someone with my kind of luck could arrive at an interview for a job I desperately need and then discover my potential new boss is the guy I drunk-kissed the other night. An unsolicited—and unwanted—kiss if the way he recoiled is any indication.

I don’t expect him to offer me the job as nanny to his seven-year-old daughter. I mean, who wants a drunken harlot taking care of something so precious?
Except he does.
And against my better judgement, I accept the position. He’s gorgeous and sexy and the kind of father that has my ovaries screaming. Yet to him, I might as well be invisible.

Until the night that everything changes. Now, I’ll do anything to keep him, especially when his past comes knocking.

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