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“By far the most thrilling, suspenseful book I have read in a long time.” – Happy Reader, Amazon Reviewer


I thought justice would save me—I was wrong.

Sutton Atwood, the man who almost killed me, is back. This time, his weapon of choice is the very legal system that was supposed to protect me and mine.

He wants my son—not because he loves him, but because he hates me.

I can’t let him win. I won’t let him win. If compromise is my only option I’ll take it, even if it kills me.

Sorry Dayton, I love you, but my son must come first.


How can I protect the woman I love if I’m part of the threat?

By any and every means possible, that’s how—except Christa’s not making my fight easy. Why would she when I still have everything to prove and she has everything to lose?

Sure, I can compromise—maybe—but fair warning, retreat is definitely not in my nature.

I’m in a league of my own, a winner, a fighter, and I absolutely will not quit until my enemies are eliminated.

Read the finale in the scintillating Irresistibly Mine series now.